Automate Your Finances

COMING SOON:  Cato an AI powered Super App designed to maximise your financial potential. We are working with Solaris Bank to build an AI powered ecosystem to automate your financial health and wellbeing. 


Your Cato account will be designed to be catered directly for your financial health - allowing you to get the services you need to enhance your financial potential.

Smart Hub

Our award winning Smart Hub helps you to build your financial literacy and consumer awareness empowering you to make the right financial decisions and get access to simple but powerful tools to take control of your finances.

Auto Budgeting

Our powerful automation tools will bring your budget to life!

Paying your bills on time, meeting savings goals and planning for your future all automated - taking the worry out of how you spend.


Get insights into your finances and see exactly how you are spending and earning your money.

Shop Smart

We will give you access to hundreds of leading retailers where you can earn cashback and get discounts to help you save while you shop!


Our team does not work alone! Cato is an entire ecosystem with organisations, technology, wealth management, spending tools and banking providers all here to help improve your finances

Cato Account image

Your Cato account is designed just for you. Cato will look at your full financial journey (from your income through to your expenses) and provide you with a smart account that is designed to maximise how much you can save. 

Budget Smart by splitting your income into multiple micro-accounts, allowing you to easily manage your finances, by automating paying bills and achieving your savings goals.

Automate your budget with our envelopes and keep your finances in order

Cato has partnered with leading retailers, brands and organisations to help you save while you shop. Receive cashback on your purchases directly into your Cato account.

The management of your finances starts with your Cato account where you will receive your salary, pay bills and shop. With Cato, you will receive a premium service at an affordable rate where our platform will automate your finances, maximise your savings and allows you to save while you shop with a premium Cato Debit Card. 

cato debit card

A personal financial assistant that is there for you whenever you need. Our AI technology will give you the opportunity to get insights into your accounts, and even give you tips to help you save more, budget better and spend smartly.

Cato is an award winning platform