COMING SOON: Your financial health should be at the centre of your bank account. That is why we are designing the Cato Ecosystem to help you to Bank Smart, Budget Smart and Buy Smart, maximising your financial potential.

Financial Wellbeing at the Core of Banking

We place your financial health at the core of your Cato Account.


Join the Waiting List and be one of the first to open a Cato account. You will be able to open an  account within minutes from the app or  website. With a Cato account you get more than a simple bank account, you will get a whole ecosystem designed to empower you to take control of your finances from the moment you open your account.


Budget Smart by splitting your income into multiple micro-accounts allowing you to easily manage your finances. Automate your bill payments and know how much you have left to spend on your other expenses and for your luxury items. Automate your savings so you can budget on the go.  With the Cato’s ecosystem you will be putting your budgets into action.

Credit Card 2


The Cato debit card will give you the security and ease of use that you expect from your bank, including contactless transactions. However, you will also get the option to additionally get a virtual debit card allowing you to securely spend online.

You will also be able to use Google Pay and Samsung Pay, giving you much more options to pay when you shop.

All account fees will be transparent and designed to match your lifestyle.


A personal financial assistant that is there for you whenever you need. Our AI technology will give you the opportunity to get insights into your accounts, ask for help when you need and even give you tips to help you save more, budget better and spend smartly. The best bit is you will not even need to always be logged into your cato account, your personal assistant will be across multiple applications that you typically use – giving you greater access to your finances.

Think of Cato as your private banker and wealth adviser but is available 24/7 and is there whenever you need it.


Cato is more than a bank account,it is an ecosystem of advanced technology, strategic partnerships and banking services, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence to help improve your financial health. Buy Smart with our discounted offers from over 80 leading retailers (and growing) in multiple sectors such as Supermarkets, Retail Stores, Travel Agencies, Hotel Providers, Restaurants and Household Retailers, as well as getting cashback rewards. With Cato you save while you shop. The Cato Ecosystem will help you with all of your financial needs. Through our automation technology and AI profiling we will provide instant balance and spending analysis, wellbeing advice and general tips that will assist you to improve your financial well being. With Cato, your bank account features will be designed to specifically cater towards your financial needs.

Join The Waiting List

Join Cato’s waiting list and be one of the first to open an account that places your financial health at the centre of banking and finance. NOTE: You must live in the United Kingdom to join the list.

Award Winning Banking

Designed with financial wellbeing at its core Cato is the most eagerly anticipated banking application in the UK.

Start Saving

By joining our waiting list we will be getting hard at work to save you money while you shop by sharing discounts, tips and recommendations from our partners.
The Waitlist

Cato is award winning for placing your financial wellbeing at the heart of banking. That is why Cato is the most anticipated banking platform coming to the UK! When you open your Cato Account, you will be presented with an unrivalled banking service that is designed to help you to save more and maximise your financial potential.