Cato places your financial wellbeing at the heart of banking and finance. Learn our story, what we plan to do and how a Cato account will help you to maximise your financial potential.


Our name Cato is derived from the Roman times, given as a title to those considered to be smart and intelligent. Cato is the most eagerly anticipated financial wellbeing ecosystem to be launched in the UK.

We do not come from your typical banking background  as such we have a different focus. Our aim is to remove the stress from financial decision-making through technology solutions and decision processes that allow our customers easy access to the right information, financial tools and partnerships. We will help Cato customers become financially healthier by :

  • Banking Smart – Bank with Cato and manage your finances and become financially healthier each day. Save on traditional banking charges, benefit from Cato’s unique Smart Banking approach and manage your finances, save money, buy smartly and receive advice that will help your financial well being.
  • Buying Smart – Buy your products and services through Cato partners, receive cash back rewards or discounts on purchases. Spend less through Cato and save more when you shop.
  • Budget Smart – Budget your monthly spending through allocating and managing your monthly budget. Use the Cato ecosystem which will allow you to separate your income against committed monthly payments, receive an Indication when you are over spending.

Our concept is to provide an entire ecosystem to individually assist you in building your financial health.


We can help. Our multiple product and service offering means we can cater directly to your business, helping you to save money and your customers to manage their financial health  intelligently.  Contact Us today to discuss how we can help:

The Team

Simon Phillips – Chief Executive Officer

  • Simon is the founder and CEO of Cato. He has a background as a Business Strategy Consultant working for credit unions on expansion, compliance and product development. Simon has Consulted on transactions valued at £1 billion in sales of high cost assets, he has also been involved with  numerous start-ups. Member of Bloomberg’s Breakaway Group of CEOs and former member of Building Society Association PR Forum.

Eugene Kirwan – Chief Operations Officer

  • Eugene is the Co-founder and COO of Cato. He has a background in Business and Technology Consultancy Services. Eugene has over 30 years’ experience leading Global Business and IT Transformation in Banking, Insurance,Telecommunications and Pharmaceuticals across America’s, EMEA and Asia Pacific locations. Eugene was also the lead consultant for ClearBank in 2018  securing £60m in funding in conjunction with Tide from the Banking Competition Remedies Ltd.


Our team members consists of leading marketers, and those in financial services and technology. We have the expertise, drive and vision to help you to increase your financial wellbeing.