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Press Release – Cato 
Monday 18th November 2019 – London

Cato, the award-winning upcoming financial health and wellbeing ecosystem, has launched its waiting list for the most anticipated platform coming to the UK in 2020. Those on the waiting list will be one of the first to open a smart account that places financial wellbeing at its core.

By its design, Cato will provide its customers tools they need to automate their finances and improve their financial health. With budgeting account features such as automatic bill payments and saving pots will help ensure that customers put their budgets into action, while rewards and discounts will help Cato’s customers to maximise their savings. But Cato is much more than a bank account with budgeting features – it is a financial wellbeing ecosystem powered by cutting-edge AI, strategic partnerships and advanced technology to provide a platform that will improve the financial health of all Cato customers, regardless of their needs.

Co-founder and CEO of Cato, Simon Phillips,  expressed his reason why Cato was created – “with over 9 million households suffering with money problems and millennials having 5 times the debt of those over 55 there is a need to address over-reliance on credit, improve savings and better financial decision making. Our technology delivers this by tackling the financial issues that not only harm individuals but has a knock on effect across society from individual communities to the national economy.  The AI technology and design of our systems also help our customers to build a habit of good financial practices that improves their overall financial wellbeing.”

Cato differs from challenger banks and traditional banks and other fintechs by focusing on products and services to improve customers’ financial health. The ecosystem itself will allow Cato to cater all of its services on individual customers and will be accessible beyond its mobile app and website.

Join Cato’s waiting list – Be one of the first to open a smart account when we launch in 2020 and receive a benefit on day one that will help you on the road to being financially healthier.

Join the waiting list by visiting the Cato website:

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