Welcome To CATO


We have changed our brand name from MoneySmrt to Cato, but we still have the same philosophy – to help you to bank smart, budget smart and buy smart. 

After undertaking a consumer survey Cato came out by far the most popular name for a new banking service which helps consumers and businesses to make smart financial decisions. 

What Does Cato Mean?

Cato stems from Roman times which was given as a title to those considered smart and intelligent. Cato the Younger was a senator known for his strict democratic values and intelligent decision making – two concepts that we have incorporated in Cato our brand.

Cato Account

We are an alternative to your usual retail bank and we are different than your typical challenger bank, because unlike them we are driven by our main aim – to help millions to save more and be financially healthy. This means when we create a product or service it is designed with your financial wellbeing first in mind before we even look at the technical side.

Using advanced technology and partnerships Cato will not only help millions to save more but also shape the banking landscape that places the power of banking within your hands.